Don’t Make This Common Mistake


If you’ve recently undertaken a home remodeling project or soon will, be sure to tell your homeowners insurance company about the updates to determine whether you need to adjust your insurance coverage reflecting your home’s increased value.

When the value of your home starts changing, the effectivness of your policy could be in jepordy. It’s not just how much $$ you have your home covered for, it’s also how your policy is setup to pay claims and how they calculate the damage.

Remember that the purpose of homeowners insurance is to minimize your risk of financial loss resulting from damage to your home, but you’re not effectively managing these risks unless you have adequate coverage.

This may seem tricky, complicated or frustrating. Don’t worry, your agent should be able to hold your hand and walk you through this and make the insurance review process simple and painless. If you have specific insurance related questions you can find some amazing agents from the Nation’s leading Insurance Companies and Brokers at Centsible Connection on Facebook.

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