June Brings Some Financial Thoughts

It’s June and we are halfway through 2018, time is really flying!

This is a great time for a mid-year checkup on your finances. Just as you routinely go to a physician, dentist and mechanic for checkups to assess and address any possible tune-ups and alignments – it’s good to do the same with your finances.

*PERFORMANCE – Check how your stocks and investments have performed since January.

*GOALS – Have your goals changed or evolved – how does this impact your finances and are changes need to how and what you are investing, saving, budgeting etc…

*DEBTS – If you’ve added debts (besides your mortgage), examine your spending habits to better allow you to pay off those debts.

*CONTRIBUTIONS – Are you taking advantage of benefits you have through work or other available strategies to maximize your financial situation.

Feel free to post any questions or comments. Any of the financial Advisors and professionals out there have any good tips? Any good lessons learned from previous financial reviews?

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