Frequently Asked Questions

By contacting RCRS Advisors with a question or having a credit consultation obligate me in any way?

No.  We offer free, no obligation credit consultations.  We believe that these consultations are important because:

  1. The client can use this as an opportunity to see if they like our approach to credit building.
  2. In order for RCRS Advisors to be able to properly help clients meet their credit building goals we have to be able to first talk to them and properly assess their situation.  You may not even need our services!

Are your services guaranteed?

By law we cannot guarantee any specific results to your credit report and or score.  However, we can guarantee:

  1. Be proactive in defending your consumer rights
  2. We will be accessible to answer your questions and provide updated information throughout your credit building process
  3. We will provide additional up-to-date information on maintaining and continuing to enhance your credit after our services are completed.

Do you have extra, monthly or reoccurring charges for your services?

No.  We are a flat service fee firm

How will I know about any progress?

  1. You will be provided with updated information throughout your credit building process.
  2. We will be accessible to answer your questions.
  3. Clients will be provided with secure access to their personal online client portal  for updated account information.

Aren't your services the same for every client, why do we need a consultation first?

Everyone’s situations and goals are different.  There are a number of factors that make up a credit score.  Therefore, we need to properly assess each person’s situation in order to create a personalized credit building strategy which address their specific needs and goals.

If I use your services, how do you protect my credit reports and personal information?

  1. Your privacy and security is the number one priority for us here at RCRS Advisors.
  2. RCRS Advisors and all employees and affiliates fully comply with all State and Federal Regulations.
  3. We invite you to review our  privacy policy and  Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

How long does it take to repair my credit?

Building and/or improving one’s credit is a process that involves interactions with credit reporting agencies, lenders and various creditors.  RCRS Advisors’ credit specialists work diligently and as quickly as possible in assisting you in your credit goals.